SynNovation Works

Collaboration for Innovation & Change

Seminar Description

Collaboration for Innovation and Change is a hands-on exploration into the dynamics between collaboration, innovation and value creation.  The seminar features a series of exercises, interactive discussions as well an integrating simulation which immerse participants in the theory, practice and mastery of purpose, communication and trust as fundamental value acceleration skills. 

This intensive two day seminar delivers learning in a fun, competitive and rigorous fashion and is offered by Oregon State University’s School of Business in conjunction with SynNovation Works, to executive and managerial level participants interested in learning what it takes to innovate faster and better.  The graphic below provides additional information on the objectives and structure of this seminar.

Do these questions ring familiar?

Collaboration for us means making the pie bigger. It is the ability of humans to realize more together than they could have separately. It is not based on agreement, nor is it simply good teamwork. It is the ability to create surprisingly positive outcomes in the face of competing objectives where previously no possibility seemed accessible. This does not just happen, but rather is hard work and requires skills and practice to achieve success. Skillful collaborators generate tremendous value and have far-reaching influence while simultaneously increasing their own personal enjoyment and satisfaction.

Through understanding how a few key foundational principles of Purpose, Communication and Trust interact in Action we allow participants to significantly deepen their understanding of how to generate collaborative environments and outcomes. The workshop is a concentrated immersion in both the theory and application of collaborative skills aimed at anyone who is responsible for accomplishing objectives across or within teams. The first day of the course focuses on understanding how Purpose, Communication and Trust affect collaboration. The second day integrates this learning in a innovative simulation where participants practice the previous day’s insights in a real-world exercise that is fun but realistic and challenging. The end of the second day allows participants to more fully integrate their learnings with the examination of what it takes for leaders to develop, foster and maintain collaborative environments within organizations.

Seminar Structure

This workshop will build from an understanding of how Communication, Purpose and Trust all foster collaboration, through the integration of learning (aided by a real world simulation), towards an exploration of the role of Leadership in Action. 

Organizational Objectives

Learning Outcomes

Purpose is the basis of our intentions which drive action.  In this seminar we will reveal the impact of divergent Purpose and illuminate the power of shared Purpose.   Discussion, hands-on exercise, and an integrated simulation will help build skills in recognition of Purpose and finding intersection of Purpose with other organizations, leading to increased velocity in action.

Effective Communication is a catalyst, an accelerant, to collaboration and the creation of value.  In this seminar, we will explore the building blocks to Communications Competence: listening for intent and understanding, aligning on facts (vs. arguing beliefs), building on intersections and common purposes, and managing the realities of multiple stakeholders, multiple cultures.   Through practical exercises, you will acquire new skills, and experience new insights, which speed your connection and allow you to respond and collaborate more reliably towards value with partners everywhere.
Understanding the nature of Trust is crucial to creating valuable relationships quickly. What creates Trust, breaks Trust and sustains Trust are each surprisingly unique and important to anyone interested in accelerating value creation in today’s dynamic world. In this course you will discover that trust is not a simply a function of time of but of intentional action. You will learn what it takes to create Trust rather than wait for it to develop naturally, and you will walk away having access to a powerful tool for accelerating innovation and value creation overall.

Purpose, Communication, and Trust, without Action, are insufficient; they don’t in and of themselves, create value or ensure innovation.  It is in the doing, it is in the endeavor, it is in the action that results are created and value realized.  In this seminar, we will integrate the power of action with the challenge of leadership: leadership that is ‘out in the world’, grounded in learning (not reacting), committed to co-creating (not just protecting) and focused on generating value…Leadership in Action.