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Management Systems - A Path to Organization Excellence

Elements of a Management System chart


In the press of day to day operations, many organizations take their 'system of management' for granted. Indeed, for many organizations, there is no system at all-- just a mix of familiar practices or ad hoc policies which seem to work well until critical milestones are missed or competitive pressures intrude. This workshop is aimed at businesses which need to drive extraordinary performance through coordinated action. It is designed around key, common elements of strong management systems, tailored in turn to the circumstances and unique requirements of individual organizations. Participants will explore their own operational settings, critique their management tools and consider other examples and best practices as they rethink the path to organization excellence. Within each segment, discussion will be focused around the approaches that participants can use to transform their management system performance.

Structure of the Workshop

Section 1: Why Management Systems Matter
An exploration into the importance of management systems and how they drive performance excellence:
Section 2: Key Elements
A discussion of the key elements of high performance management systems and how those elements interact to drive consistent results:
Section 3: Strategic Direction
How shared purpose and business strategies sharpen organization focus and reinforce performance:
Section 4: Core Processes & Organization Structure
Understanding the business processes that govern organization success. Integrating those processes into an organization's structure and decision making:
Section 5: Managing the Action
The principles and practices underlying the delivery of business fundamentals and strategic objectives:
Section 6: Leadership and Culture
The often overlooked, invariably critical, elements of culture, core values, and leadership behaviors:
Section 7: Putting It All Together...The Process of Management
How a management system is deployed as a repeatable, self-correcting process:


Participants will understand the essential role that management systems play in sustaining business results. They will appreciate the interdependencies among key elements, the importance of continuous practice and improvement, and the very fundamental nature of leadership behaviors and organization culture. Through the use of case study discussions, participants will explore and rethink the practices and tools they use in their own business settings, matching them to proven approaches, which with subsequent deployment and use, will deliver real gains in operational excellence.