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High Performance Supplier Management

High Performance Supplier Management flow chart


A practical workshop to assist individuals and teams in maximizing business value from supplier relationships. Full day hands-on workshop aimed at professionals responsible for make/buy decisions and sourcing outcomes, including key decision-makers in supply chain management. Course is centered on the key ingredients to supplier management success: the strategic elements, the organization structure, the sourcing processes, and the behaviors which are essential in building and sustaining competitive supply chains. Industry best practices, research findings, exercises and examples are all used to reveal how best to deliver high performance supplier management.

Structure of the Day

Section 1: The Experience of Partnership:
A hands-on exploration of partnership behaviors under tension:
Section 2: The Role of Strategy in Sourcing Success:
How to develop sourcing strategies that deliver on business objectives:
Section 3: Organizing for Sourcing Success:
The building blocks essential for managing supply relationships:
Section 4: Collaboration & Partnership Behaviors:
The principles and behaviors underlying successful collaboration and valuable partnerships:
Section 5: Managing Suppliers & Sourcing Processes:
The processes and practices that sustain effective supply relationships:
Section 6: Partnership praxis:
An experiential exercise designed to reveal and refine workshop principles


Participants will understand the essential role of business strategy in shaping the design of effective supplier relationships. They will explore how and when collaborative principles add value and where other partnership models might be essential. They will grapple with structure questions, communication protocols, and the keys to harvesting partnership value over time. Participants will leave the workshop with new insights on how to build flourishing partnerships and how to extract greater value from languishing relationships.

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